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eLearning Development

Effective and affordable eLearning solutions using our content or yours, built just for you.

Your content or ours, delivered for your teams.
As a clinician or team leader, you already know where your team needs guidance. You may have even put together presentations or workshops to support them. No matter how far you’ve gone down the path of meeting learning needs, we can help. We can work with you to develop online courses from scratch, or take what you’ve already prepared for classroom delivery and transform it into impactful, engaging online learning experiences.

Collaboration, not just translation

Exceptional instructional design relies on a solid understanding of the learning material. Our background in clinical social work means we can partner with you to develop or refine your content, not just translate it to an online environment.

Partners in client support

Many of your clients can also benefit from online learning opportunities. We’ve worked closely with agencies to develop online learning for clients and their families, customized to specific psychoeducational and other needs.

How We Can Help

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Comprehensive eLearning Development

From identifying goals to meaningful assessment, we can work with you to build out an affordable, effective eLearning course – customized just for you.

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A Technical Assist

Do you have the perfect course already planned out and just need a hand bringing it to life online? We can do that, too!

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Online Learning Improvement

If you’ve already created online training, we’re happy to review it to find opportunities to create a more effective learning experience.