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Many professional organizations are lucky enough to have gifted presenters and teachers on staff, but it’s common for those talented people to struggle when moving presentations or workshops online. Our team is willing and able to review your existing training materials and make recommendations to refine the instructional design to create more impactful learning experiences.

Specifically, we can help you identify opportunities for interactivity, create connections to real-world workplace scenarios to reinforce what’s being taught, learn to use online learning tools more effectively, tune you in to some of the fundamental principles of instructional design, and more.

Did you know...?

Scenario-based learning builds critical thinking skills, accelerates expertise, promotes better application to the job and longer-term learning.


Using relevant images in learning increases transfer of learning to the job by


How We Can Help

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Blended Learning Strategy

Through a content review process, we can help you develop a solid blended learning approach by identifying what of your content is best suited to online learning, and what’s best for face to face environments.

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Improve Presentation Design

Many of us wish we could give better presentations. We’ll help you home in on your message, focus on takeaways, present information visually, and facilitate learning in your audience.”

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Adult Learning Techniques

We all know that adults learn differently. Let our team help you understand how best to teach to those differences.